Ideals into Daily Practice

A Mission Statement for Sharman’s Cross Junior School

At Sharmans Cross we want everyone to feel valued, to feel respected whatever their differences and to respect difference in others. Everyone should have a voice. Everyone should contribute significantly to their own learning and development and confidently make their own decisions.  We encourage everybody to reach their full potential.

These ideals will be evident through a positive atmosphere. There will be positive body language, the asking of positive questions and positive listening. Feedback will be positive, whether it is being received or given. There will be humour and clarity of communication with people expressing themselves clearly in a variety of media, sharing ideas and listening to the opinions of others. We will expect to see work in pairs and groups stimulating positive speaking and listening skills and time for reflection, evaluation and enthusiasm. We will want to see a broad range of teaching and learning activities inviting both thoughtfulness and risk and leading to a celebration of progress and achievement.

In order to make this vision a reality we will as individuals make these ideals our priority. We will model between ourselves the behaviours that we want to see in others. We will make time to talk to each other and to others. We will display our beliefs by following policy and asking everyone their opinion. We will discuss and share ideas openly and listen and accept the opinions of all. We will say hello and smile at everyone we meet.