Class 4LS


Year 4 Curriculum

Year 4 Curriculum Overview Autumn Term 2014

Hello and welcome to 4LS. You will find us right at the end of the year 4 corridor. We are a brilliant class with a good attitude, we are all good friends which has created a friendly atmosphere. We have welcomed two new children to our class this year. We are all unique as we all have our own special talents; our group is made up of enthusiastic footballers, cricketers, singers, gymnasts, dancers, artists, mathematicians to name but a few. We listen to and respect each other so that we all have the confidence to ask and answer questions and share opinions and ideas.We always strive to work to the best of our abilities in order to achieve our goals (and more). We are encouraged in our learning by our enthusiastic, caring teacher, Mrs Schroeter and the support of all the lovely staff with whom we are fortunate to work with in our year group, and across the whole school.
Our two mottos are to ‘always persevere’ and ‘BE AWESOME.’