Class 5HS


Year 5 Curriculum

Year 5 Curriculum Overview Autumn Term 2014

Hello and welcome, we are 5HS; we are hard-working, kind, friendly and fantastic! You will find us behind the last emerald green door next to Year 6. We are a very happy, polite and bubbly class who always have smiles on our faces. We are all unique and we learn in lots of different ways, such as playing games, using ICT, being outside and most importantly, we always have fun! Miss Stokes is our class teacher and she is supportive, extremely kind and makes us laugh, we feel safe. Mrs Quereshi works with us in the mornings and she is creative and always helps us if we’re stuck. We collaborate even when it gets hard and we always try our best! 5HS are a great team and we have a lot to offer.