Eco Schools

We are on our way to gaining our Eco flag!

The eco committee have been working hard looking at the areas that we are good at when it comes to being eco friendly and also the areas that we need to improve. In our lessons we look at the impact that our actions can have on the world and how every little helps to help make the world a better place for ourselves and others!

Did you know?

The very first thing that we have done is to put posters up in every classroom reminding the children to remind the teachers to turn off equipment that might waste electricity! We are also looking at presenting an assembly to the whole school!
There are lots more things in the pipe line and we will keep you informed!

If you have any ideas that would help us to become even more eco friendly, please let one of the committee know or Mrs Stewart or Miss Carter.

Don’t forget
22nd March World Water Day!
5th June Environment day.
Green day coming in July!
19th November 2011 World Toilet day!

Saving water!
Year 5 used this picture as a stimulus to make us think about how far we would travel for a bucket of dirty water. This is the decision faced by many people in the world today. What would you do?


Gardening Club!
We are making our school sustainable! If you would like to join, please contact Mrs Stewart or Mrs Fear.
From this:

To this:

Our new project is the school pond! – watch this space!

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